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Build Predictive Models

Build regression & classification ML model to predict churn, roas, conversions, sales & more. For example just type "Predict user churn & purchases for users from Source A within the next 7 days" to create a predictive model.

Build predictive models using OpenOs
UTM source break down for predictive analysis
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Get real time, predictive insights

At OpenOs, we connect in real time with your data source. Using this we deliver results in real time of which which users are likely to churn, convert or retain.

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Feature Analysis & Smart Segmentation

Know why your metrics are moving in a certain direction. Identify the key factors behind a user churning, retaining or converting.

Feature analysis using predictive models
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Natural Language to SQL

Using OpenOs you can also query your database using natural language. No need to write SQL queries

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Time Series Analysis

Build time series models to forecast your revenue, inventory, sales and a host of other metrics. Time series analysis also enables you to understand seasonality & trends over time.


The features of PowerBI, ease of Notion

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Regression analysis for predictions

OpenOs enables regression model building, good for building predictions related to Churn, Retention and Conversion

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Time series analysis for forecasting

OpenOs enables time series forecasting, good for: sales, revenue & inventory forecasts & spots seasonal shifts

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Feature analysis to know "Why"

Gain automated insights on key influences on your metrics e.g. models may find device prices' tied to peak churn or revenue.

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Models segment users into metric-based cohorts automatically, providing a list for user engagement or targeting purposes

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Source wise break down

Moving past aggregate figures, individual predictions & forecasts can be dissected by source or user, allowing for granular analysis.

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Natural Language to SQL

Using OpenOs you can also query databases using natural language, ensuring that no-team is blocked by lack of data access

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Automated AI Reports

OpenOs uses AI to analyse the data from the models to generate automated insights on key actionables teams can take.

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Real time analytics & integrations

OpenOs, links ups to all your favorite tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel, allowing for realtime ML analysis.

No technical skills needed

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

OpenOs is designed to bring the power of machine learning to your marketing, product and customer success teams

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Marketing & Growth Teams

Optimize your campaign in real time, identify key attributes linked to campaign performance & get automated reports

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Sales & Customer Success Teams

Use OpenOs to get priority lists of users to engage with based predicted values & get insights on what can make them convert

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Product Teams

Understand the predicted impact of any product or feature on key metrics for the business & get in-depth feature analysis

Using APIS, no Setup time

Integrate with all the tools you already know and love

Browse integrations

Ready to harness the power of data science?


How leading consumer-tech platforms are using OpenOs

"OpenOs + Mixpanel has enabled me to analyse my metrics like never before"

I can quickly dive into predicted user behaviour and enhance product features based on data insights

Rishav A.
Founder & CEO @Picxele

“I know the impact of a feature, even before release”

OpenOs has enabled me to analyse the impact of my product releases on key metrics. I effortlessly identify trends and optimize A/B tests

Rohit R.
Product Manager @Warroom

" I know which users to engage with & when"

We now make data-driven decisions with confidence, without having to rely on developers to get us the data we need.

Cimone P.
Customer Success

Frequently asked questions

Common questions asked by users

Talk to our team

Do you offer a free trial?

Indeed, we do! OpenOs offers a generous two-month free trial. Moreover, we only bill you when our predictive models hit a prediction accuracy of 75% or more. You dont need to provide any card on file or sign a contract to get started.

Is the tool similar to Mixpanel or Google Analytics?

While Mixpanel and Google Analytics are fantastic for collecting and analyzing data, OpenOs goes a step further. Our platform not only gathers and interprets data but also employs advanced machine learning algorithms to predict future trends and user behaviors. So, it complements these tools by providing predictive capabilities on top of their analytical insights. We also integrate with Mixpanel & Google analytics as a data source.

What if my data is unorganized or needs structuring/ cleaning?

No worries at all! OpenOs is designed to handle even the most unstructured data. We take care of all the necessary data cleaning and preparation steps, ensuring that your data is ready for effective predictive modeling. Regardless of the initial state of your data, our system is well-equipped to manage it.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use the product?

Not at all. OpenOs is designed specifically for non-technical teams. There's no need for understanding your code base structure, SQL, or any form of coding. It's user-friendly and all you need to know is which KPI in your company you are looking to optimize for using OpenOs.

How customisable is the product?

OpenOs offers a two-fold approach to customization. Initially, we develop several tailor-made models for you during the onboarding process to kickstart your experience and provide automated insights. Afterwards, you have the freedom to design your own predictive models using the platform without any coding experience & in a mtter of seconds.

Other questions

Should you have further queries, don't hesitate to contact or simply click on the 'Talk to our team' button above. We're always here to assist you.

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